the founders

David Zur

CEO & Co-Founder

Prior to founding Cornerstone, David was VP Retail Sales at PepsiCo Beverages – Canada. His passion and focus are to help CPG companies improve their pricing & promotional capabilities, build confidence in their decision-making, improve collaboration with business partners, and ultimately grow their profits.

Rob Schram

President & Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding Cornerstone, Rob was VP of Analytics at Nielsen based in Chicago.   After his Nielsen career, Rob joined PepsiCo where he started the Revenue Management practice within the Beverage division.   Rob worked with Sales, Marketing & Finance to build winning Price Pack Architecture strategies.

Stephen Cooper

CTO & Co-Founder

Stephen offers a proven track record of over 20-years of creating world class products. With a clear focus on the end customer, the user experience and rapid agile product development, Stephen has continually delighted customers and exceeded their expectations. Stephen was instrumental in developing & evolving strategic cloud-based software.

The Team

Jeff Baker

senior Revenue Management Consultant

As a Cornerstone Revenue Management Consultant, Jeff does more than PowerPoint decks. With more than 10 years of CPG sales and strategy experience, he’s obsessed with uncovering new opportunities and bringing these ideas to life for his clients. He has a passion for the CPG industry.


senior Revenue Management Consultant

With a passion for technology, and a unique ability to decipher pricing analytics, David is always able to quickly bring winning price & promo strategies to his clients. David finds innovative solutions to real world problems, has a “can do” attitude, and consistently enhances Cornerstone’s reputation.

Andrew kirsh

Revenue Management Consultant

Andrew joined Cornerstone Capabilities in 2018. In 2021 Andrew was promoted to the role of Revenue Management Consultant, where his strong knowledge of pricing strategy, along with his skills in Curve allow him to deliver profitable growth strategies for his clients.

Nicole rayskin

Data analyst

Nicole joined Cornerstone Capabilities in 2020 as a Data Analyst after earning a BBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. Nicole has strengthened analytical skills developed through co-op experiences in I&IT organizations of various sizes and was drawn to work at Cornerstone Capabilities for their innovative insights.

jennifer monteverde

marketing manager

Jennifer heads up all marketing & communications at Cornerstone Capabilities both for Canada and the US. Jennifer has 20 years of marketing experience in a variety of industries. Prior to joining Cornerstone, she held many leadership roles and worked as consultant for different organizations..

Lisa kerry


Lisa joined Cornerstone Capabilities in 2020 as a Business Development Representative after completing her MBA at Wilfrid Laurier University. She brings several years of sales and lead generation experience and is responsible for seeking out companies that can benefit and grow through partnering with Cornerstone Capabilities.

Fred - bw 2

Alfred boutros


Fred Boutros started his career in consulting with Accenture  in the late nineties out of the San Francisco office working for Netscape.  He led sales at both IRI and MSA.  He recently was a SVP at Nielsen where he ran the Revenue Management Practice for North America.

dan chimenti


Dan brings over 35 years of CPG experience through his time spent with PepsiCo Beverages, QTG Canada, and The Quaker Oats Company. He has a proven track record of results through leading high performance teams and individuals combined with delivering exceptional customer service.

The Development Team

Yusuf Ali

Web Development Manager

Yusuf brings with him years of experience in understanding data through powerful dashboards and intuitive visualizations. Yusuf is responsible for creating new and intuitive ways to express data to help clients identify winning strategies to meet their objectives. Yusuf joined Cornerstone Capabilities in 2019 as a Developer.

Yi (Alice ) Jiang


Yi joined Cornerstone Capabilities in 2021 as a Full-Stack Web Developer after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo. With two years of co-op work experience,  she has a passion for designing architectures of software systems.

Amol Sahasrabudhe

Data Scientist

Amol has over 12 years of experience covering major domains of data science, such as time series modeling/Information retrieval/NLP. Prior to joining cornerstone, Amol worked in the finance industry in tier 1 Investment banks such as Morgan Stanley/Deutsche Bank for over 10 years as a quantitative data scientist in various domains.

Murtaza Vahanvaty

Data Scientist

Murtaza joined Cornerstone Capabilities in May 2018 as a Data Scientist, after graduating from the Schulich School of Business with a Master’s degree in Business Analytics. Murtaza is responsible for Cornerstone’s analytics capability and helps develop scalable algorithms which can proactively advise customers.