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POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2020

Promotion Optimization Institute

The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) continues to focus on improving the Holistic Enterprise Planning process centered around the trade promotion process. With the shifting CPG landscape there will be no new normal. The good news is that our world is innovating fast. We use new technological advances every day to make life simpler and, at times, easier.

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Best Practices - for a successful revenue growth managment plan for 2021

Revenue Growth Management for 2021 & beyond

CPG organizations that are successful have developed strong RGM strategies.  Learn about the myths that surround RGM, what works and what does not.

 Learn about:

  • Why companies struggle to get started
  • 5 Elements of an RGM Plan
  • The need for short-term and long-term planning
  • Pricing, pack, promo & assortment analytics, and



driving sales with teams in a dynamic retail
environment with an RGM Focus

POI Spring Summit 2019 - Toronto Canada

Learn about Revenue Management and utilizing technology in a new way. What is the optimal strategy, what are the potential barriers and what is the Play Book. What should the yearly planning cycle look like.


Collaborative marketing driven advanced analytics summit

POI Fall Summit 2019 – Dallas Texas

Read Maple Leaf’s 6 keys to success. Understand the product and retailer mix management. Value based pricing, shifting the focus away from cost + desired margin pricing. Implementation getting an organization to sing from the same song sheet.


Solving for pain points along the revenue management journey

POI Fall Summit 2018 – Dallas Texas

Pricing challenges that Maple Leaf has faced. Learn about Maple Leaf’s journey in establishing a world class revenue management capability. Understanding the pain point and the process.