“7 Key Metrics” the Revenue Growth Management Team Should Bring to Senior Executives (Part: 2 Series)

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When sitting in a CEO, CFO, CCO / VP of Sales Role it is easy to become confused when RGM teams are trying to explain what changes they are suggesting to your business.   In order to make the RGM story easy to follow, have your teams focus on “7 Key Metrics.”

If your teams do not focus on these 7 Key Metrics, you will often be left with surprises to your business or it will be evident that they have not done their homework.   There is a general assumption that your RGM teams will have the right tools to answer these questions.   If they don’t, and they are just relying on Excel spreadsheets or “gut feel”, chances are your organization needs to prioritize an investment in tools that will help them find profitable growth.

When these “7 Key Metrics” are all answered, you will not only have a clear picture of the P&L, but you will be able to make the right call whether to move forward with the strategy, or consider other options.   If these metrics are not well laid out or explained, you will be left with more questions.   Use this as a cheat sheet or guide with your RGM Executive so they will know what to bring forth in future meetings.

Reach out to Rob Schram or David Zur from Cornerstone Capabilities to help with any of your RGM needs and questions.

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