Price & Promo Market Dynamics2018-11-01T16:59:51+00:00

Our Integrated Suite of pricing & promotional tools will provide visibility on the dynamics occurring within the marketplace.

  • Analyze by region, retailer and product

  • Compare business growth and category share

  • Visualize trends

  • Effect of past pricing strategies

  • Base & promotional performance

  • Promo effectiveness

  • Pricing “ladders”

  • Dependence on discounting

  • Out-of-bounds visibility

  • Price drivers of consumption

  • Regular, in-store and flyer pricing impact

  • Execution of strategy across customers

  • Highlight competitive gaps

  • Correlation of performance to gaps

  • Influencers of performance

  • Visualization of weekly sales

  • Price & promo overlaps & effectiveness

  • Impact of price points over time